Low Power Wide Area Network Technologies

Wide Communication Area

LPWAN technologies enable radio communication with connected devices (terminals) even with gateways that are kilometers away. Thus, areas such as building interiors, where it is difficult to access radio networks, can be covered.

Low Power Operation

LPWAN radio terminal units need only milliwatts level of power for communication. Thus, even with a few AA batteries, terminals can continue to communicate for years.


It is compatible with all regulations regarding the use of unlicensed communication bands. An LPWAN base station can serve thousands of endpoints. Scalable and extensible radio communication networks can be created with LPWAN.

Linarit's LPWAN Solutions


We determine the most suitable LPWAN technology for your requirements such as LoRaWAN, SigFox, UNB or LTE-M which offer various types of service structures for different application areas.


We design LPWAN communication terminal units and systems compatible with your existing equipment. In this way your business would have a communication system that covers the existing equipment on the field with a very low budget. You would be aware of the field.

Low Cost

LPWAN technologies essentially offer low cost endpoints. We extend this advantage to the entire system including gateways, servers and other management tools. We can realize your M2M application with less than 60% less investment and operating costs than GSM.


We provide your business to create its own radio communication infrastructure. Thus, your M2M applications will no longer depend on data communication operators. The expense you make for data communication will end. Service quality will be at your control.

Hybrid Radio Solutions

We design hybrid terminal units and gateways where different wireless communication technologies are combined in accordance with your needs such as "LPWAN, WSN, WPAN, WLAN and Cellular”. Then you will have a multi-dimensional and scalable "internet of things" infrastructure.

Industry 4.0

With LPWAN facilities, your access to the field increases and accelerates. We provide integration for your field with data analytics and business intelligence solutions. Thus, you can automatically convert field to data, data to information and information to decision.

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